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    About us

    About us

    О нас

    Hotmine was founded in 2013.

    Hotmine deals with:

    • • development of computing equipment for mining;
    • • setting up serial production of mining equipment;
    • • design and commissioning of data centers.

    Hotmine has common projects with foreign data centers.

    Basic principles of Hotmine work are:

    • Publicity - we work for everyone; our products are available to everyone;
    • Openness - Hotmine is ready for open and public dialogue about cooperation issues;
    • Honesty

    Hotmine is a large contributorof the crypto community. It follows the principle of decentralization in his activities, which is embedded in the work of the Bitcoin system. Customers benefit from using Hotmine products.

    We are doing new things, challenging conventions and are not afraid of difficulties:

    • 2020 creation of infrastructure projects Mining 3.0 - the use of heat from mining for home and business.
    • In 2019, Hotmine successfully completes the development of the Prometei Smart Convector, designed for heating premises with profit; registers TS for the Smart Convector Prometei in Ukraine.
    • 2018 год - the launch of the Mining concept - 3.0 - is a new era of mining, the creation of infrastructure projects with the beneficial use of heat from mining. The beginning of the development of a silent miner-heater.
    • Successful implementation of accounting for the Bitcoin intangible digital asset.
    • 2017 Hotmine develops WX12 / 6 miner boiler and U6 miner using BitFury 16nm chips; electric power 2-4.4 kW; hashrate power 18-28 Thash/s.
    • 2017 Hotmine successfully develops the Upgrade Kit X6 \ X5 on BitFury 16nm chips (with the ability to replace outdated boards in bitmain S5, S3, S1 miners).
    • 2016 Development of DataContainer 2 MW - 16,000 Thash\s (joint development with BitFury).
    • 2015 Development of a WiFi miner-bulb - mining is as easy as screwing a bulb.
    • 2014 Successful launch of the heating infrastructure of the cottage town (power 250 kW). Development of an industrial miner boiler 54 kW - 54 Thash/s and a testing platform for 160 kW.
    • 2013 Development of a 5 kW miner boiler - 5 Thash/s on 55 nm chips (miner boiler produces 5 BTC per day). Production of 50 miner-boilers for creating the heating infrastructure of the cottage town (12 private houses). Launch of the first objects.

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