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    Сводка новостей август-сентябрь

    August-September Roundup

    13 Sep, 2019 | News | Comments | 2212
    Hello! We are on the air … :)
    A recent roundup of the project’s work:
    1) Participated in the conference in Irkutsk, Russia on August 8. There was a presentation of Smart Convector, and Mining 3.0 concept
    2) We developed a technical specification for Smart convectors production in Ukraine, a passport for equipment, and started registering a certificate of conformity with Ukrstandard.
    3) We decided to make a test batch of 50 pcs. smart batteries and 30 pcs. smart mini. Estimated date is November 15–29.
    We said earlier that we will go to crowdfunding indigogo in the end of 2019 summer, but plans have changed to the above. Who wants to take part in product testing — write to us!
    P.S. We are preparing a translation of the video into English with the results of the smart convector test for 27 days!
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